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from the hobby to the occupation In the age of 15 I began (1958) with the beekeeping. My father had already concerned himself within completely small framework with beekeeping. Our bee house in spring often became an orphan, as in the year 1957 and 1958. On 3rd of June 1958 a swarm flew into our abandoned bee house.
Apart from the activity in the farming and forestry, I started the hobby "beekeeping" with much joy and interest. I had two colonies in 1958.
I kept the bees in 3 levels with a small frame. The size of this frame was 23.0 cm times 18.5 cm. The bees felt very comfortable. And some honey could be harvested.

Because I maintained my colonies well, they swarmed industriously. Each swarm was set up new. Another frame and another box were adjusted. It was a 2 leveler with backside treatment. An upper treatment booty was at this time only by some beekeepers recommended. I changed 1965 over to the magazine. I also started with the queen breeding.

A crucial step from my current view was the conversion from the 1-space-hibernation to the 2-space-hibernation in the year 1970. A large conversion was still the change of the frames on long-ear-frames and the building of high soils with the bee-free soil feeding.

With each innovation it was possible to care for more colonies. Thus I grew slowly into the full-time beekeeping. The attendance of the agricultural technical school in the forest and mountain farmer school Hohenlehen arranged technical training in the land and forestry for me. In the year 1970 I passed the mastership examination for beekeeping in Wr. Neustadt. For more than 20 years I operate beekeeping full-time.