>> propolis drops - daily use <<

a briefly summary for the daily use:
(of H.-J.Weidinger, source: Kronenzeitung)

propolis: A wax-like, sticky material, which bees register and convert. It features antibiotic effects.

the use of propolis drops is simple: Just give it on a tea spoon with bee honey or drip it into warm water.

with feverful inflammation diseases: 3 times per day 10 drops.

before the climacteric period of the woman: Already 1 year before the expected transition daily 20 to 30 drops.

with prostate inflammations: 20 drops per day.

with kidney and liver inflammations: 2 times per day 30 drops in 1/8 l water. Each second day suspend. Use until effect.

angina or catarrh: As well as with neck inflammations put daily 30 drops in 1/4 l warm water and gargel daily with it.

gastrointestinal ulcer: Drink 30 propolis drops in 1/8 l of warm milk soberly.

with clavus or cornea: Put some drops on a dabber and lay it on the skin. Repeat several times. During the day, put propolis salve on it.

athlete's foot between the toes: Place propolis drops with a dabber.

with toothache: Dab propolis with on the hurting tooth.

with all badly wounds, wich hardly cure: Propolis drops or the salve are good.

with fire wounds: Put propolis salve.

after a larger celebration: If you have a hangover, drink 1/8 l water with 40 drops of propolis.

caution: persons, who react to propolis allergic, the taking of propolis drops has to be omitted.